FAQ Some frequently asked questions.

How to register an account on My Advertising Pays?

Simply click on this link and fill out the form to create a free account on MAP. Please make sure that your Sponsor Name displays Fazal Elahi Butt so we can provide you further support.

I don't understand this business. How can I earn money from it?

Please visit the Training page as it contains all the information you need to know about this business opportunity like making money and other things.

Is it an online fraud or scam? How can I trust this opportunity?

The company was launched in December 2013 and till now it’s regularly paying its members without any delays. It is a strong advertising platform with over 300,000 registered members. It is a UK-registered company.

Can you guarantee me that I will earn money from this platform?

In the business world, we cannot guarantee anything. There are ups and downs in every stage of business so it is impossible to guarantee anything but we strive our level best to stay financially strong!

Do I have to be an internet expert to earn money from this opportunity?

Not at all. All you need is a working device (mobile, tablet, PC or laptop) and internet access. No previous experience is required because this system is designed for everyone!

How much time do I have to spend daily?

Your daily task is to view 10 ads in the Traffic Exchange. It hardly takes 10 minutes so you do not have to worry about your schedule.

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